BalREc - Investment And Real Estate Market Conference 2017

Since its establishment  in 2006, the BalRec conference is the most influential public platform for discussion in the real estate and investments sector. The event gathers high level representatives from the most active companies within the investment projects in Bulgaria: investors and investment funds, banks, consultants, legal companies, asset managers etc; the main goal is to discuss and analyze the market trends and forecasts of each segment – offices, commercial, industrial, residential and vacation property, the economic climate as a factor for the development of these projects, the challenges, which the investors faced, best practices in managing the assets and current models for market realization.

The upcoming BalRec Conference will take place on the 8th of November 2017 in Sofia Event Center.

Investment Environment 2017
- Which are the financial, social, market and urban development factors defining the current and future market state of the real estate sector in Bulgaria? 
- What is the positioning of the Bulgarian market on the European map of capital flows? Where are the investment opportunities and who is targeted?
- Urban planning aspect: Real estate projects as a natural part of urban fabric – 
new urban models for interaction between local governments and real estate investments. Large-scale projects as a catalyst for modernization and redevelopment of urban areas.
Residential Buildings
- Residential market 2017: Supply, demand, prices, forecasts. 
- From individual projects to zone planning - what is the best living environment for outdoor and indoor?
- What are the key factors for the future development of the residential market?
- What is on in the luxury segment - new concepts.
- Banking, loans and interests: mortgage lending 2017
Retail Space Market
- What is the mall retail space market agenda in an environment of growing consumption, expansion of key tenants and lack of new large-scale projects in the pipeline?
Trends in the commercial mix - what attracts the modern user? Where is the traditional retailer in the dynamically developing process of digitization?
- Dealmakers: Record volume of investment transactions. How will be managed the assets whose ownership changed lately? Restructuring models: Where the new owners see potential for development of established retail outlets?
- Location and more: What are the factors for successful development of a retail park? 
- Supermarkets + Big Box: Dynamic development in the fight for market share
- Dynamics in demand, stable and growing rental levels - what are the challenges facing the industry in the current market environment
- New 375,000 sq. m of office space by 2020: What are the risks of market overheating? How can we maintain the sustainable market environment and the balance between supply and demand?
- What happens outside Sofia - which are the locations with potential for growth, when can we expect investment activity growth in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Rousse and other locations?
Hotels - Urban and Holiday
City Hotels:
- Market environment - what is the potential of the urban hotels in terms of volume and profile of tourists and can we expect last year's growth to continue steadily?
- Construction activity: Which indicators create an appetite of local investment companies for new projects? What is missing to attract international attention?
- New generation of users, new business models - what are the key features of the successful city hotel (high segment) on the Bulgarian market?
Holiday Properties, Hotels, Tourism:
- Who are the buyers of holiday property in Bulgaria, for what purpose and at what price: a holiday property market by the end of 2015?
- What are the factors behind summer tourism growth in recent years? How to transform this trend into sustainable growth?


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